I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you.

I say it to everyone.

I am in love with you

I say about the man whose finger touched mine for about half a millisecond when I handed him his sandwich.

I’m in love with you

To the guy whose eyes met mine through a sea of blurry faces on a rainy day.

I am in love with you

The one with the sparkling all white adidas stan smith’s whose face I didn’t even see.

I love you.

Those three little words mean so much to some and so little to me.



Because when the person who loves you

When the person who is supposed to love you unconditionally leaves

Those words take on another meaning

Because really

What is love?

Those three little words that mean so much and so little


They don’t protect you from all the hurt and anger in the world,

They don’t stop the pain or the tears or the fear

They don’t comfort you when you have nothing

When I love you reminds you of empty promises and lonely nights.

When I love you means

I can do whatever I like to you,

I can hurt your soul and crush your spirit,

I can stop you from laughing

I can make you feel like nothing.


That’s what it means.


Then you know why it means so much to some and so little to me

I love you doesn’t stop the tears

It doesn’t even mean that you care.

Just three words full of empty promises and not enough regret.

You took those words away from me.


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