Without sounding like s stereotypical millennial I can’t remember not being a feminist. Feminism is such a huge part of my identity as a woman. I owe a lot of that to my mother who raised me in a home where I was taught that a woman should never allow her existence to be determined by a man.

For a while my feminism became bitter and mean, resting on my privilege. I would roll my eyes at stay-at-home mothers or women who chose to show images of their bodies on instagram for what I assumed was the purpose of the male gaze. My idea of feminism put men at the centre with women as an after thought. It was angry and judgemental, uneducated and a little bit intolerant.

I began to understand and realise that the feminism I believe in, is a feminism of choice. A feminism that puts the equality and empowerment of all women at its centre. One that makes sure the societies we live in give women the tools and education to make their own choice. A feminism that does not pit women against each other.

And this type of feminism allows women to own their pleasure or not have sex until marriage, it allows women to show as little or as much of their body as they please, it allows women to take up all or none of the identities of mother, child, daughter, wife, career woman, it allows a woman to want a man but also not be defined by one. It acknowledges that although we all may be united as women, our experiences of womanhood are sometimes going to be fundamentally different. Yes, white male privilege exists but so does white female privilege. It is about all women having a seat at the table.

Of course I believe in the shattering of the glass ceiling and the eradication of the patriarchy. The goal is to equal the playing field at every single level. But right now I’m going to focus on supporting and empowering other women to be the best they can be and calling out bs whenever I see it.





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