When I first saw the #MeToo hashtag I felt uncomfortable. I question the effectiveness of chain posts on influencing social change. Last Friday I witnessed #WomenBoycottTwitter in response to Rose Mcgowan’s account being suspended. You may or may not have realised that black women chose not to take part on Friday. Why? because let us not forgot the number of white American women that voted for Trump. Sometimes solidarity among women only seems to appear when the privilege of the majority is threatened. Hence why I did not feel ready to write these words

#MeToo is actually a movement created by a black woman called Tarana Burke to support and amplify “the voices of survivors of sexual abuse, assault and exploitation.” It is with this sentiment that I realised I was doing myself an injustice by remaining quiet.

I am a woman who is able to voice her opinion and experiences in an environment and a society where even though I may face disagreement, I still have allies on every corner. That is part of the definition of privilege. A privilege that still so many women around the world do not have.

I write these words not only to stand in solidarity against the exploitation women’s bodies face on a daily basis. I am writing these words for any self-identifying women or girl whose voice has been silenced, you are not alone.



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